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First non-infill field for the Netherlands

dinsdag 10 april 2018

CSC Sport has started working on what is to become the first non-infill football turf field of the Netherlands.

The new field will get the GreenFields MX-NF surface. Both CSC Sport and GreenFields are part of the TenCate Grass Group.

Using a non-infill football turf system has become feasible in the Netherlands as the Dutch FA has decided to replace the FIFA quality programme for football turf by its own quality system to determine the quality of football turf fields.

The FIFA quality programme currently doesn't allow for using non-infill systems. In addition, the compulsory FIFA lab test is not conducive to non-infill turf systems as the test for determining the skin friction or abrasion characteristics of a field is the only test that is conducted in a 'dry' condition. The absence of moist or water is one of the main reasons why all fields submitted do not pass this test as friction or abrasion observed is higher than FIFA allows.

door Guy Oldenkotte


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