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Insufficient number of sports facilities in Berlin

maandag 16 april 2018

A study by the Berlin municipality has revealed that the German capital does not have a sufficient number of sports facilities to accommodate the needs of the population in Berlin.

Response to a survey has indicated that the number of people participating in sports has grown by 11% or half a million people compared to a similar study in 2006. 83.1% Of the respondents claimed to participate in sports.

‘This makes Berlin as one of the most active cities in German,’ Gabriele Freytag says. Freytag heads the Department of Sport in Berlin. According to her statistics in Hamburg only 80.5% of the people participate in sports while in Munich and Cologne the numbers stand at 75% and 71% respectively. Dusseldorf beats Berlin as over 85% of the people in this industrial city in the west of Germany do play sports.

The German Minister of Sport, Christian Gaebler, is pleased with the outcome of the survey but highlights the need for additional facilities. ‘Until recently, sports was always considered as being part of the educational programme of schools. We believe that our current plans do not recognise sports sufficiently.’

Gaebler strives to redevelop parks and public spaces as a start to provide sufficient sports facilities. But he is also eyeing other facilities. ‘We want to achieve sport for all. That is why school sports facilities should be made accessible to clubs to make that possible.’

door Guy Oldenkotte


Falk Billion | 16 april 2018 | 17:08
Christian Garbler is by no means the German Minister of Sports.
He is Secretary of State in the Senate Department for Home Affairs and Sport of the State of Berlin
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