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First non-infill pitch for Poland

vrijdag 8 juni 2018

Act Global has been awarded the contract to install its trusted Xtreme Turf system in three Polish football facilities this summer. One of them will receive a non-infill pitch; a first for Poland.

As part of a strategy to build a 21st-century sports park, KS Pradniczanka has designed a facility that utilizes the best resources for its teams. Athletes of the new park will have a full-sized artificial grass pitch that is engineered with strict quality controls that allow the turf system to perform like natural grass while extending the life of the field.

The field at Silesia Sports Park will also be upgraded hence the decision to have an Act Global Xtreme Turf pitch installed.

The third installation will be done in September, something that is possible as this will be an installation of a non-infill pitch. Installation of these pitches take less time and less dependent on favourable weather conditions.

The non-infill pitch will be the first in Poland. Elsewhere in Europe this type of fields is becoming increasing popular as an alternative for pitches that use rubber infill. Despite various international studies proving the opposite, many people still believe crumb rubber can be dangerous to the environment and society at large. These arguments will no longer be valid when it is decided to have a non-infill pitch installed.

door Guy Oldenkotte


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