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Anfield soon just ‘a field’

maandag 11 juni 2018

Liverpool FC has asked the Liverpool City Council permission to expand and adjust its stadium so it can also use its sacred pitch for concerts and events.

According to the plans, Anfield will become a ‘year-round destination’. If it is up to the club, the stadium will soon be used for concerts, cultural events and other sporting events too.

‘A multi-purpose Anfield would also bring economic benefits to the Liverpool region, along with more job opportunities and increased revenue for local businesses,’ the club said it its statement.

Liverpool said that Anfield could host up to 10 concerts or other events every year, the majority of which would be staged outside of the football season. The club cited boxing, American football and Gaelic football as possible sports Anfield could host.

Liverpool City Council is expected to consider the planning applications later this summer. If approved, new events could take place from later this year, with concerts to begin from May 2019.

Liverpool’s chief operating officer Andy Hughes said: ‘The plans we are bringing forward would provide the city’s residents with increased entertainment opportunities for music and sporting events whilst at the same time supporting Liverpool’s vision to attract more visitors to the city.

‘Our proposals not only support the city’s ambitions, but showcase Anfield as a destination and will support local businesses and jobs in the area.’

door Guy Oldenkotte


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