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Machines used during the FIFA World Cup

dinsdag 12 juni 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will start on Thursday. In the past few month greenkeepers and other specialists have worked hard to deliver the 12 stadium fields and close to 40 training fields that will be used for the event. discusses some of the machines that have been, and will be used for the various World Cup pitches.

Most of the mowers have been supplied by Allett Mowers. Over the past few years they have shipped over 158 mowers and accessories to be used at seven stadiums and thirteen official training facilities. The greenkeepers will either use the Allett C34, the Regal 36, the Buffalo 34 or the RM34. Most of the venue managers of the Russian stadiums (such as Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg and Saransk) ordered three Allett C34s and two Regals each. The Sochi Fisjt stadium has four Allett C34s, two Allett Buffalos and four Allett RM34 mowers.

The process of becoming a supplier for the World Cup started for Allett about two years ago. Dave Allett, export sales manager at Allett, gave a series of presentations at two seminars and participated on demonstration days. Allett's Russian distributor Unisaw followed this up by investing in demo-machines that were used for demonstrations at the stadiums. The combination of Allett machines and the delivery and support of Unisaw ultimately made the difference.

Dennis G860
Dennis Mowers is another major supplier of mowers for the World Cup this summer. The British machine manufacturer supplies no fewer than 88 mowers, including the G860 and Premier models. Seven of the eleven stadiums use Dennis mowers, including the stadiums where the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals will be played. Some 70 percent of the training fields are also maintained with Dennis. It will be the third consecutive FIFA World Cup event where Dennis Mowers will be an official supplier of lawn mowers.

The preparation of the fields was somewhat more difficult due to unfavorable weather conditions, says Steven Rienks of Queens Grass. The Dutch company represents Dennis Mowers in Russia: 'In Russia the weather is not ideal; in one area, for example, we only have about 60 days of sunlight in a year. Dennis's exchangeable cassette system, however, helps with maintenance procedures in a difficult climate. '

Topdressers and vertidrains
No venue can do without a topdresser and vertidrain, hence the presence of Redexim at all stadiums. The Rink topdresser will be used at nearly all playing fields (both stadium and training fields) that will be used for the World Cup. Contrary to previous events, field managers and subcontractors are responsible for their maintenance programs at each venue, many of whom have chosen Redexim Rink topdressers.

Head groundsman Vitaly Belonenko has regularly used the Rink 1010 in the Kaliningrad Stadium. The Rink 1010 offers a spreading width of up to 1.5 m and a thickness of up to 10 mm. Regular topdressings take place in the stadium to strengthen the field surface, including ten tons in the week prior to the opening of the stadium in April. The machine is used in combination with a Redexim Verti-Drain 7215 aerator to process the sand deeper into the soil.

door Nino Stuivenberg


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