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South Somerset District Council develops new concept to fund sports fields

dinsdag 10 juli 2018

The South Somerset District Council has developed a plan for providing sufficient rugby and football pitches to answer the sporting and leisure needs of the whole district. The new fields will be rolled out in the coming 10 years.

The strategy includes commitments to providing new football and rugby pitches, improving changing facilities and securing greater community access to school facilities across the whole area.

New fields will be funded through a mixture of grant funding and contributions from housing developers, making the fields less reliant on council budget.

Councillor Sylvia Seal, portfolio holder for leisure and culture, said the strategy was an assessment of what facilities were required, rather than a commitment set in stone to deliver these facilities.
She said: ‘What comes out will rely heavily upon the economy, and housing, and what we can get out of Section 106s.
‘If everything goes pear-shaped, say because of Brexit, then our strategy will have to be altered. A strategy is never cast in stone – it’s a road which you want to take.’

door Guy Oldenkotte

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