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LED floodlights for Brøndby Stadium

donderdag 12 juli 2018

Games at Brøndby Stadium will be well-lit coming season thanks to the installation of 256 LED luminaires.

The luminaires have been made by a Chinese manufacturer, who also supplies the Olympic city in Beijing. 'We saw the light in action and were very impressed with it,' says CEO of J. Jensen Football Lanes, Kim Østergaard. 'The luminaire is cheaper in operation, as it is more environmentally friendly than the luminaires previously used. In addition, they also provide a better and more uniform lighting.'

The higher LUX output provide some better TV images, and it is highly visible on slow motion pictures. 'Especially when it's dark. Compared to the former luminaires, the new stadium lights are more flexible. Another advantage is that you only have to switch the lights on about half an hour before the game starts. Previously it would take two to three hours before the luminaires would be warm enough to provide sufficient light.'

door Guy Oldenkotte

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